Home Care from Afar: What to Do for Your HVAC System Before Going Out of Town

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Home Care from Afar: What to Do for Your HVAC System Before Going Out of Town

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Planning to go out of town? You shouldn’t leave your Houston home without giving some thought to the general maintenance needs of your HVAC system.

Can’t you simply turn off the equipment before taking off? The house will be empty, after all. While this may be the easiest way out, it’s not the best thing to do.

Your HVAC system doesn’t just help make your indoor temperatures comfortable – it also reduces humidity in your home. Too much humidity can lead to problems like mold growth, poor indoor air quality, and peeling paint, which may cost more to fix than the energy bill you’d have received if you left your HVAC running.

Here’s what to do for your HVAC system before you take off.

Turn the Thermostat Up

Setting a higher temperature will ensure your air conditioner keeps dehumidifying while consuming less energy. You can always set your cooling equipment back to optimal operating temperatures on your thermostat when you get back home.

Install Surge Protection 

Power surges are a common cause of electrical equipment failure. Though rare, your electrically-powered HVAC equipment can be damaged by power spikes while you’re not around.

An effective way to protect the equipment is to install surge protection in your home. A local HVAC service can help you choose the right surge protector for your system.

Clean or Replace Dirty Air Filter

Dirty HVAC air filters increase energy costs. They’ll restrict the proper flow of air within your system, causing it to run harder than it should to achieve optimal indoor temperatures.

Air filters are easy to clean and new ones are cheap to buy, so don’t allow a dirty or clogged filter to waste energy while you’re away from home.

Keep Air Supply Vents Unobstructed

Things like house furniture can hinder the proper circulation of conditioned air within your living space.

Ensuring unobstructed flow of the conditioned air coming from your HVAC system is essential for minimizing energy losses resulting from potential straining of the system.

Keep Your Fans Turned On

The blowers in your home help with circulation of air throughout your home. Keep them turned on together with your HVAC equipment.

Make Sure Outdoor Unit Is Free of Obstruction

Like your air supply vents, your HVAC system’s outdoor unit should also be kept free of any obstructions. Otherwise, obstructions may hinder the flow of air from outside, resulting in inefficient operation and energy wastage.

Get Your HVAC System Checked by a Professional Before Going Out of Town

The best thing to do before going out of town is to ask an HVAC technician to check your HVAC system. They’ll inspect everything and let you know what needs to be done to ensure your HVAC system operates efficiently while you’re away.

With your permission, they’ll perform the maintenance and repair work needed to optimize the performance of your equipment.

Schedule an appointment with us today so we can help ensure your HVAC system will be running at its best when you come back home.