5 Crucial Tips on Hiring an AC Repair Company

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5 Crucial Tips on Hiring an AC Repair Company

Like clockwork, the summer season in the United States comes around every June. Along with it comes hot weather with temperatures averaging 81.1 degrees Fahrenheit in some states. Texas is no stranger to heat, and Sugar Land is located deep south near the coast, so add in an additional amount of humidity. Texas is ranked number one for the highest average temps statewide. Texas has been known to see its temps rising above 100 degrees in the summer months, and the “feels like” temp soaring even higher.

That means one thing: sweat!

Is your AC ready to cool you down? If you aren’t sure, it’s time to give it a thorough checkup.

Are you hearing chattering or ticking noises when you flick it on? Is it taking longer than usual to cool the air? Seeing moisture leaks?

All these are signs of a faulty AC, and the smart thing to do is to call in an AC repair company. Here is how to find the best.

1. Go for a Local Brand

We all love national brands like Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks and the likes, and for good reason. They have a reputation for excellent service delivery.

However, when it comes to finding an AC repair company, don’t be so quick to call in a national brand. These large companies typically have thousands of customers to sort out, so they may not attend to your issues immediately. And when their repair specialists finally show up, they could rush over the job, probably because they have more customers to attend to in your neighborhood!

On the other hand, local companies know the only way to beat the national brands is to satisfy their customers. You can count on a local brand to give your AC the attention and thorough repair it deserves.

2. Reputation Matters

Going local doesn’t mean you settle for the company that first strikes your eye.

Make a list of 3-5 local brands, and then vet their reputation. Go online and dig up their reviews.

What are customers saying about their services on Business Better Bureau and other review sites? Does the company have a solid online presence?

Strike off from your list companies with many negative reviews.

3. Ask The Neighborhood

Any AC repair company worth its salt should have quite list of satisfied customers. You might discover a new business by asking a neighbor. Most of the time your neighbor has dealt with a similar issue as you are dealing with in your home. They can share their experience and recommendations with you.

With the rising popularity of neighborhood apps like Nextdoor, you can easily request recommendations from all the neighbors in your neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods.

You may receive more accurate, unfiltered feedback from your neighbors about their experience with the local business than you might just by trusting online reviews alone.

4. Are the Repair Specialists Qualified and Experienced?

The best AC repair company takes pride in the expertise, professionalism, and experience of its repair specialists.

It’s easy to be fooled into choosing a certain company because it’s sales reps sounded friendly and trustworthy on the phone, only to find that the repair specialists are no good.

As such, you should speak to a company’s technicians before hiring. What academic qualifications do they hold? Are they licensed and/or certified? How many years have they been in the trade?

5. Ask a Friend

Isn’t it amazing how we often go through the trouble of digging into online directors to find the best service providers, only to finally settle on a provider recommended by a close friend?

Don’t be one of those people.

Call a few people in your social circles. Chances are one or two has had an AC repair lately, and if the repairer did a solid job for them, there is no reason he won’t do the same for you.

Finding an AC Repair Company Simplified

When you set out to look for an AC repair company, you’re looking for qualified and experienced techs who can restore your AC and give it a new lease of cool breath. With the number of repair companies increasing, though, it can be challenging to find the best, but we have fleshed out the information you need to make the right pick.

Even simpler, why not come to us at Taurus Mechanical? We check all the boxes! Our customer base has grown to almost 2000. We’d love the opportunity to serve your heating and cooling needs.

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