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  • We have Industry knowledge relevant to your home and business needs.
  • We offer Multi-level service agreements to suit your budget.

Residential Air Conditioning and Heating

Our complete range of services for residential customers includes:

Maintenance of equipment – knowing the age of your equipment will help you decide if you want to go for the cost-savings plan, the standard maintenance plan or the superior plan. We recommend the cost-savings plan for equipment that is less than five years old. It covers

  • Visual inspection and analysis of equipment
  • Replacement of all filters
  • Verification of temperatures
  • A 10% reduction on all repairs (parts and labor)
  • The standard maintenance plan is recommended for equipment that is over five years old and covers:
    • All services in the cost-savings plan, plus:
      • Inspection of ducts and airflow
      • Thorough check of all electrical connections
      • Checking of refrigerants
      • Lubrication of critical parts and components
      • Test for carbon monoxide and burners
      • Calibration
      • Thermostat controls, damper systems

Our superior plan is recommended for equipment that is over five years old; customers who wish to maintain energy efficiency levels in their homes and offices choose this plan to get the hassle-free all-in-one support without paying for individual services. This plan covers:

  • All services in the standard plan plus:
  • Placement of algaecide tablets in drain pans
  • Cleaning of condenser and condenser coils
  • No charge for first emergency call in a 12-month period

Filter inspection and replacement

Your system needs a filter change once a year for optimal performance.

General and emergency repairs

Our team of competent technicians are experienced with various brands and models of equipment. If a replacement is needed, we can customize a replacement plan that will fit your needs and budget.

Energy advice and analysis

Homeowners have no time to look into how they can get the most of their existing heating and cooling systems. They want to take advantage of potential savings but need the right information and guidance. We offer advice on how these twin goals can be achieved. We will take the time to sit down with you and listen to your concerns and then come up with a complete analysis for more efficient energy savings without compromising the quality of your indoor air.

Taurus Mechanical has the experience to install and repair any kind of equipment – both old and modern. We want you to turn our expertise to your advantage.


Convenient Service Hours

If you are experiencing an issue, we will get you taken care of.

Network of Providers

Network of auxiliary providers; knowledge of market prices and discounts, manufacturer rebates and state/federal credits.

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Efficiency and task completion – will re-do the work if you are not 100% satisfied.

We're In Compliance

We provide the highest quality work, compliant with environmental and HVAC regulations and standards.

Priority on Comfort

We place priority on the physical comfort of our customers, their families and employees

Texas Certified & Insured

Our competent technicians are certified and insured in Texas

Honesty & Transparency

We offer an honest and transparent approach and costing to all our customers and jobs.