5 Tips On Negotiating A Fair HVAC Repair Cost

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5 Tips On Negotiating A Fair HVAC Repair Cost

Summer is just around the corner and with the sizzling heat comes rising electric bills, with air conditioning costing homeowners across America $11 billion a year to cool their houses.

But if your heating and air conditioning system break, you might be looking at an HVAC repair cost that could set you back a little. Here are some tips on negotiating that might save you some time and money.

Negotiating an HVAC Repair Cost

1. The first thing a contractor is going to expect from a homeowner when sitting down to negotiate repair costs is for the homeowner to request a match for the lowest bid. However, There are too many factors that go into this request:

  • There might be a price difference in the installation
  • There might be a weight difference
  • There might be a difference in model quality

Another way that you, the homeowner, could approach this sort of negotiation is to request a list of reasons why the contractor is asking for a higher bid. This way, they have a chance to explain to you the difference in the product.

2. Another way you can negotiate on your HVAC repair cost is by establishing a few ways they could give you a discount:

  • Explain that you like a model of equipment they have, but it doesn’t meet your budget, is there any way you can work together to figure it out?
  • Tell them you are a loyal customer who refers often, but that budgets mean a lot to you.
  • Ask about payment terms in return for discounts.

The important thing to remember is to be as respectful of their time and talent as you would want them to be of yours. Saving money is important, but so is being friendly.

More Than Prices

There are a few things you can negotiate other than the price of an HVAC repair cost, and those include things such as time and what could happen after the repair or installation.

3. Once the installation or repair is finished, there is also the thought of “what happens next?” Part of your negotiations with your contractor can be future maintenance and regular service.

Most contractors are going to agree to this because it gives them the benefit of regular business with you and anyone else you might refer them to.

4. A warranty for parts and labor may also be negotiated in some circumstances. Free thermostats and filters may also be included if things are negotiated well and if the contractor’s employer allows it.

5. One concern you may have before engaging in negotiations for your HVAC repair cost is if it will harm your relationship with your contractor in some way. It’s important to remember that aggressive negotiating language can make them uncomfortable.

However, if you engage in good-natured negotiations, contractors are most likely going to see it as part of the job and see what they can do to accommodate. Have fun, be friendly, and maybe they can help you save money.

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