AC Maintenance: Why And When You Should Have Your AC Filters Replaced

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AC Maintenance: Why And When You Should Have Your AC Filters Replaced

Failing to keep your home’s AC filter clean can result in reduced efficiency, higher cooling costs, and reduced air quality.

However, the question you may have is, how often should you install a new air filter?

While it would be nice if there was a hard and fast rule about changing your air conditioner’s air filter, there’s not. As a result, you have to consider several factors to determine how often you should change the filter.

Some of the factors that will determine how often you need new AC filters can be found here.

The Type of Filter You Use

One of the main factors that impact how often you need to change your filter is the type you buy.

Filters vary in several ways, based on the type of materials they are made of, their form (panel vs. pleated), their thickness and other variations.

While you may want to save money, if you purchase cheap air filters, it means you will have to replace it more often than a more expensive one. You may actually save money by buying a higher quality filter, to begin with.

When you purchase a particular type of filter, it should have a recommended amount of time when you will need to replace it. Some have to be changed each month, while others can last as much as six months.

Do You Suffer from Allergies?

Another important factor related to how often you should change your filter is the people in your home.

If anyone suffers from allergies, you should change the filters more often than recommended. This will help remove more of the allergens. If the filter is dirty and full, it won’t effectively filter these particles.

Do You Have Pets in Your Home?

If you have furry friends in your home, this can also impact the effectiveness and longevity of your AC filters.

Most dogs and cats will shed, and this hair can get everywhere. This includes your filters. If this happens, it will affect the performance of your cooling system.

If you have one or several pets in your home, you will likely have to change the filter more often than what is recommended. A good way to know when this is necessary is to check the filter regularly.

Do You Want to Save Money?

If you don’t believe that changing your filter is essential, here are several reasons why you should do this regularly:

  • It can reduce your energy consumption by five to 15 percent
  • A clean filter allows air to flow freely through your cooling system, extending its longevity
  • You will have better air quality in your home with a clean filter

Improve Your Health and Reduce Costs by Replacing AC Filters Regularly

Some AC filters only last about 30 days, while others last 60 days, 90 days or longer. Consider the factors above to figure out how often you need to change your home’s air conditioning filter.

If you have noticed that your AC system isn’t working as well as it once was, and the filter isn’t the culprit, you can contact our team for a system checkup.

We even offer online appointment scheduling for your convenience.

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