Sugar Land AC Companies: Which One Is the Best?

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Sugar Land AC Companies: Which One Is the Best?

It’s hard to choose when you’re looking for the best AC repair in Sugar Land. Every HVAC company claims its the best. There’s a lot more to consider when it comes to choosing the best HVAC company for your personal needs, however.

We’re here to help you determine what to look for when seeking the best residential AC repair in Sugar Land.

AC Repair In Sugar Land

Air conditioning isn’t just a luxury in places where it gets unbearably hot. In fact, AC is essential to the American experience. It shapes everything from how we build our houses to what we do on a steamy summer evening.

That’s why you should spend some time and make sure your air conditioning in Sugar Land is running at peak performance.

Here’s a rundown on some of the leading AC repair companies in and around Sugar Land.


Abacus is a large HVAC repair company based outside of Dallas. They’ve been in business since 2003, covering everything from HVAC repair to solar panel installation.

Abacus operate a large fleet of vans and employing hundreds of HVAC technicians. They’re a great choice for people looking for someone who can do it all, like building managers.

For those looking for more personal attention, you might be best served elsewhere.

Fresh Air, Inc.

Fresh Air started way back in 1971. While it’s impressive to stay in business for nearly 50 years, the HVAC industry has changed a lot in the 21st Century. Newer companies are more equipped to have stayed ahead of the curve of emerging technology.

Fresh Air is also a chain, operating eight separate locations. This increases the likelihood of your project getting lost in the lurch, as an inevitable by-product of such a large organization.

Jackson Air & Heat

Jackson Air & Heat is an AC company based out of Sugar Land that’s been in business since 1983. Like Abacus, they also offer a wide range of products and services. They focus more on residential AC repair and service, however, slightly setting them apart from Abacus.

Jackson Air & Heat have a scattershot approach to AC repair, however. They’re great at what they do, but if you’re looking for certified AC technicians that specialize in residential AC repair at the best prices available, choose…

Taurus Mechanical

At Taurus Mechanical, we’ve installed and repaired tens of thousands of AC units since our beginning in 1986. Taurus Mechanical also offers price matching, meaning take every effort to meet and beat any price.

Taurus Mechanical also offers a full range of AC services, so your AC will operate like new for as long as possible. These include:

  • Residential and commercial services on almost any model of AC
  • AC and furnace repair
  • Air filtration services
  • Full HVAC system replacements
  • Complete duct system repairs

We care about our customers. We want you to live your best life, enjoying all of the magical moments Sugar Land has to offer.

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Furnaces are expensive, so make the most of your investment. They’re also essential to enjoying life in Sugar Land. Make sure your AC runs as smooth as silk, around the clock, by contacting us today!

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