Bring On the Brrr: Winter AC Tips for Texas

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Bring On the Brrr: Winter AC Tips for Texas

If you are heading into the holiday season, your air conditioner is probably the furthest thing from your mind. 

While you’re shivering and definitely don’t want to be pumping cold air into your home, you still need to follow some AC tips that will keep your system ready to go once spring rolls back around. The way you care for your air conditioner on a year-round basis will dictate how long it lasts and how well it operates. 

In this regard, follow these strategies to get the absolute best performance out of your air conditioner. 

Run the System Before the Temperatures Dip

Take the time to run your air conditioner a couple of times during the cold weather seasons. 

When the air conditioner is simply allowed to sit for months on end, it will likely experience some problems when you finally try to run it again. It’s the same way that you need to run a car after it has been sitting for a long time. 

Doing this can save you a world of trouble later on. 

Get Pre-Season Maintenance and Inspections

Taking the time to get minor repairs throughout the year will allow you to keep your air conditioner in great condition. 

If you want your air conditioner to last for a long time, you should have qualified AC repair professionals inspect it thoroughly. This inspection will point you to any problems and will allow you to keep the system at its best. 

Some work you may need to get done can also include sealing air ducts and leaks throughout your household. 

Clean and Sweep the Exterior AC Unit

Take the time to clean the outdoor air conditioner unit. Scrubbing it down with a cleaning solution will keep the fan running properly. 

You may also want to sweep up leaves around the system and take the time to cut the grass so that it doesn’t grow too high and create problems. The better you take care of the exterior air conditioner, the better the AC will run year-round. 

Change out Your Filters

Finally, be sure that you are regularly changing your air conditioner filters. This is a small fix that makes a big difference. 

Cleaning these filters means that you won’t have obstructed airflow in your air conditioner and that you can breathe easier inside your home. 

Make sure that you change your filters every month, or every 3 weeks if you have pets in your household. Check your carbon monoxide detector batteries whenever you change your filters to make sure it’s working the way it should. 

Use These AC Tips

It takes some consistent AC tips to keep your air conditioner running. Let these tips guide you so that you can keep your air conditioner at its best through the winter months and beyond. 

If this is the work that you are looking for, we would be happy to help you out. 

Touch base with us today to make an appointment for your heating and cooling needs. 

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